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Whether you have delinquent receivables or are being sought by creditors, the experienced attorneys at Riddle & Hanna can devise a collection strategy specifically tailored to your needs. Our team prides itself on being able to analyze your legal… Read More

Traffic Tickets

Facing a criminal charge can be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life, but it’s not something you should ever face alone. The first critical decision you’ll have to make is who to bring into battle with you. At Riddle & Hanna, ou… Read More

Disputes & Litigation

Unlike in a criminal matter, the civil justice system allows a private party to file a lawsuit against another party. Civil disputes come in in all shapes and sizes, and whether you are running a business or are simply a private consumer, you are bou… Read More

Estate Planning / Estate Litigation

Everyone needs it and no one likes to think about it, but proper estate planning is the best gift you can give your loved ones. It is never too early for proper planning and, as life changes, frequent reviews are a prudent step. Whether you have a si… Read More

Family Law & Divorce

No matter what issue or combination of issues you may be facing, the experienced Newport News family law attorneys at Riddle & Hanna understand you are going through a very difficult time in your life. Whether you’re in the midst of a heated cu… Read More


Bringing families together – that’s the goal of family-based immigration. It allows U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to petition on behalf of certain family members for entry into the U.S., authorization to work, and, ultimately, stat… Read More

Landlord / Tenant

The attorneys at Riddle & Hanna have decades of experience representing commercial and residential landlords, including owners and property managers, with respect to a wide range of leasing matters. Based in Newport News, Virginia, our team of la… Read More


The probate process can be a minefield of regulations, commissioner approvals, accountings, and penalties. All of this is on top of the grieving and emotional toll of losing a family member. We offer all levels of service for those trying to wrap up… Read More