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Unlike in a criminal matter, the civil justice system allows a private party to file a lawsuit against another party. Civil disputes come in in all shapes and sizes, and whether you are running a business or are simply a private consumer, you are bound to run into one. At Riddle & Hanna, our team of civil litigation attorneys have extensive experience pursuing and defending all types of claims.

Our practice areas regularly include:

Virginia Civil Litigation Services

Based in Newport News, our team handles civil litigation matters throughout the Hampton Roads region.

While the civil litigation attorneys at Riddle & Hanna are committed to carrying your matter through trial, our team also aggressively pursues settlement through negotiation and/or mediation. Although most civil cases settle prior to trial, our skilled attorneys stand ready to zealously represent your interests in court to ensure that you get the outcome you deserve.

No matter what civil issue you may be dealing with, whether it be breach of contract, a partnership dispute, IRS collections or anything in-between, our team of civil litigation professionals are prepared to analyze your case and craft a detailed roadmap to success.

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