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Sandra Caballero

Phone: 757-586-5380

Sandra is a native Spanish speaker with over 30 years of teaching experience and is currently an Adjunct Faculty member at both CNU and RCC, teaching Spanish and Political Science. She completed a law degree in Paraguay and two masters in the US. She has lived in Chile, Paraguay and Switzerland, and is the proud mother of six grown children, three grown dogs and a new puppy. In her spare time, she loves to take long walks with her older dog Cleo, watch movies, travel, and enjoy time with those she loves. Sandra has several years of experience in immigration matters and believes firmly in the impact an immigration system that promotes fairness, opportunity and eliminates inequities has on individuals seeking to live a safe, productive and free life. Sandra is also the owner and Director of the Centro Hispano de Ayuda y Apoyo LLC that offers a series of language support services to both members of the Spanish speaking community and the community at large.